About Me:

Hey there to the one reading this. Hope your day is/was good! I’m Sundaresan and I’m in my third year of college and pursuing ACCA.

Running Journey:

My running journey started with this small incident at school. I had enrolled myself for a 100m sprint, and this happened in my third standard. With me, were two fifth standard thugs, so fit and muscular (for their age). I just thought to myself that I could beat them. I ran with great pace and eventually beat them. After the race had got over, I heard those two talk about me saying, “Man! He’s so good da!!!” With that, I developed an interest in running and I felt a connection with it. With UNIS, it became a dream come true.

UNIS Running to me is:

UNIS running to me is a very unique feeling. I would describe them with one simple yet powerful word, ‘FAMILY’. They are my extended family. I don’t know if I meet my relatives that frequently, but I definitely meet these people every morning. When I wake up and join them for the run, that day would be smooth. I would cheer all the people near me and they would feel energized.

Most of all, UNIS running is a place where you get recognized, even if it’s small efforts. My mentor, Viji, always says, “Success will eventually come to you, so, don’t worry if it’s small steps today, it is going to be a giant leap tomorrow.”

Words can’t describe the love and gratitude I have for UNIS. If you are not yet convinced, come and join us for the morning run and you’d know.

Running and Fitness to me is:

Running and fitness to me are like two magnets. We always stay connected. Running is an integral part of my life and I must act in my best interest to understand and spread its essence to everybody.

PS:- I am thankful to UNIS running for turning me into a runner.

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