Meiyappan Rajamanickam

Meiyappan Rajamanickam

About Me:

Hello! I’m Meiyappan R, Managing Partner of Eyeopen Technologies โ€“ a partnership venture. My hobbies are Chess, Reading, Recreational Mathematics and Iโ€™m happy to include running on this list ๐Ÿ˜Š

Running Journey:

This Running โ€œJourneyโ€ has begun recently. It was, for a very long time, an activity I very much desired to do, and remained a desire till the stars were finally aligned for me to meet Viji Swaminathan of UNIS. I’m really glad that a lot of factors to actually get on the path to become a runner kind of quickly fell in place soon after that life-changing brief conversation with Viji! You can read a detailed account of my experience that took me from no running to my first 10K on the blog portions of this website โ€“ but let me warn you it is kind of longish, but it was a pleasurable exercise writing it as it helped me relive the journey. So please do take a peek, maybe you find it useful or entertaining or both!

UNIS Running to me is:

UNIS Running to me is a whole lot more than Running. I’m part of much more than a โ€œRunning Clubโ€ or โ€œFitness Clubโ€ with awesome friends. Laughter, somehow, is a constant in whatever we do โ€“ stretches, running (at a pace where you can talk/laugh), workouts, boot camp and out of town outings to just bond as a team! We’ve had wonderful opportunities to bond on and off the tracks, and there are quite a few indelible moments etched firmly in my memory. Memories that I can resort to anytime to pep up my mood no matter how low I may feel. And thanks to trigger-happy shutterbug enthusiasts in our group starting with UNIS founder Viji, quite a few of those moments are captured in the film as well. Most of the pictures have beautiful sunrises in their backdrop and that sums up what UNIS running is to me โ€“ the sun has risen on my Running journey and I’m looking forward to a long and beautiful โ€œdayโ€ thatโ€™s filled with health and vitality to lead to a scenic sunset as well!

Running and Fitness to me is:

Here’s what I found as a new runner: you give your body one hour, only to find that your body gives you back two hours, if not more! I found that I sleep a whole lot better and in fact, I’m totally refreshed with less sleep. Also, I’ve practically experienced โ€œa sound mind in a sound bodyโ€ as I can stay alert, focus better and think sharper when my day begins with a run or strength training. I’m sticking to this new habit, although I have challenges, I know I have found a good thing for me that I need to cling to. Writing about it, like now, for instance, is another great way to remind myself that overcoming challenges โ€“ let me muster the honesty to just call it laziness now โ€“ overcoming laziness is just totally worth it!

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