Run to the Finish line

Run to the Finish line

For me, running befell by chance, I had never thought I would get into running and I am very contented it happened

My friend Manju, called and told me that she has received a brochure which says UNIS Running a running group, can join us on Sunday morning at the Marina Beach by 5.00am. She told me lets go and see how it is and if it works, we ‘ll see what next. I agreed and informed her that we can go. With all eagerness and curiosity, I woke up to the alarm that I had set for 4.30 am in order to reach on time. I woke up got ready met Manju at the corner of the lane as we stay close by and marched towards Marina Beach and meet the UNIS Running Team near the Lighthouse. I saw a group of people all fresh n smiling faces. Manju and I were quietly standing and observing the group, and I heard a voice join in assemble let’s start the warmup session. There was a Coach and UNIS team members, started with a few stretches and a slow jog and then cool down.

Later the UNIS team members introduced themselves one by one, shared their fitness stories and how they have started running and it has been beneficial for them. All their stories were encouraging. Last but not the least came Mrs. Viji……Mrs. Viji Swaminathan and shared her story, and what caught my attention was “anyone can run it’s not about weight loss its about being fit” give one hour to your body to stay fit and healthy.

After the workout on the way back Manju and I were happy and discussing of joining the UNIS Running team as we both felt good and positive.  I shared my experience with my Mata (MOM), and as always, she encouraged me to take it up and go for it. Since then I have not stopped my journey towards fitness and running.

The workout plan was for 3 days in a week at Marina Beach by 5.00am and we would work out as a group and follow the instruction of the Coach Ganesh and Viji, The journey had begun and the mornings were awesome at the beach, made new friends Harsha, Sundar, Ranish. The team spirit is wonderful and certainly infectious too. Slowly and steadily I started my running journey from pillar to post, becoming a little conscious and aware of how fit I was to where I need to work and become more fit. The instructions given by Viji were so simple and easy to follow that we were able to achieve and feel good about the ME TIME.  Somedays I would miss the work out initially as I was not used to waking up early and Viji would give a wakeup call too. Gradually I was able to wake up early and show up for the workout and relished every bit. Be it our long runs, slow runs, chitter chatter runs, coffee breaks and all other meetings and gatherings have been celebrated when ever it is required.

Finally, the day arrived, Viji made me run ISMH 2017, 5km run the first marathon conducted by team UNIS. I was very excited and happy to be a part of the team and participate. Manju would always be there cheering me and encouraging me. The feeling of crossing the Finish line is hard to describe. We both (Manju & I) ran our first 5 kms and since then have never stopped running.

October 9th ISHM2016 Sunday morning assembled at Besant Nagar – Woodpecker formally called as our Head Quarters for my first ever marathon. Manju, Harsha, Sundar, Rakesh and I were all geared up. With all the energy, courage and faith in UNIS Running and team spirt,  ran and completed my first run of 5kms in 45 mins, and I remember while I was nearing the finish line I saw my Mata (mom) happy and smiling away to glory that I am finishing the run she was very happy and on receiving the medal it gave me the school time SPORTS Day wala  feeling, Manju also completed the run and we both took a pic with Viji and Ranish after the run. The feeling is still fresh in my mind and I will cherish it forever……

Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit UNIS Running raised the bar, trained and practiced and moved to be able to complete a 10 km run, and by clearing each level I felt elevated, positive and fitter.

Many at times I am asked by my friends and family what I think about as I run…. I always ponder the question. What exactly do I think when I’m running? I don’t have a clue.”

Well, there is just something about it that makes me want to come back again and again. Yes, it can be very hot, very humid, very wet, very muddy or rainy, but it adds to the experience.

ISMH2017 & ISHM2019 have been a very fulfilling experience. The whole idea of supporting a wonderful cause Cerebral Palsy, which is still unknown to many. We decided to support the cause and spread awareness to all walk s of life, and we have been quite successful in doing so.

Both the events have been quiet a learning experience where all the team members will pool in their thoughts and teamwork makes the dream work. We at UNIS ensured that all the basic requirements were well considered from the start to the finish, thereby ensuring that all the runners have a wonderful experience and enjoy their run.

All these experiences have taught me that:

  • I am capable of more than I thought of
  • Keep things simple yet practical
  • Add your personal touch
  • Don’t compare yourself with others
  • Stay positive and do your bit to stay fit

Now its almost 3 years that I am associated with UNIS Running and everyday is a new experience and I truly look forward to it. The team is now an extended family and we can reach out to each other anytime. I am grateful to Manju for introducing me to running and indebted to all the UNIS Team members for all the encouragement, support and team spirit. My Mentor, my friend Viji for all the unconditional care, training, trust and push for making me successful in all runs.

I am Unleashing my Inner Strength in a small way

3 cheers to Team UNIS & ISHM 2017, 2018, 2019 and many more to come

Limitless begins Within ……

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