ISHM 2017

About the Event

The UNIS running group decided to move out of its comfort zone which was Besant Nagar, where the Inner Strength Run of 2016 was conducted. The team also decided to have a Half marathon this time. so from a small run it scaled up to a Half Marathon event and hence the name Inner Strength Half Marathon. The route was a flat and scenic route at the ECR with the start and end point as Mayajaal.

The event date was as September 17th 2017 and the cause was Creating awareness about Cerebral palsy. A condition that was little know.

Creating awareness was done through

  • Cafe awareness meets
  • Addressing women’s college students and making them aware about
    Cerebral Palsy
  • Addressing the staff of US Consulate

Various movie stars from the Tamil and Telugu field supported the event by urging giving video clips and urging the public to run for a cause. The Quad which is into functional fitness training played its role in supporting the cause by involving its members in a unique way of taking up challenges.

UNIS Running team via the Inner Strength Trust ( 80g approved) got associated with My First Steps a pediatric physiotherapy clinic where the proceeds that were collected from the event post the expenses were donated to help children affected by Cerebral Palsy in their treatment. The event saw 1700 runners. And all appreciated the flat route which enabled them to get their personal best timing.

Sponsors & Partners


ISHM 2017